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Healing Has One Side Effect

Critical treatment plans and patient review for patients and health care professionals in respect to potent cures and effective healing for various chronic conditions.

Healing Has One Side Effect

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Dear Doctor,

Years ago I could not answer correctly the majority of these questions**. I have had many years to study and read about the other side of the story, which science has revealed, but I believe ignores because of profit. This book is not about putting other doctors down. Rather, it covers the disparity of what is taught versus what is known. Further, it exposes the disorganization, half-truths, fear tactics and crummy article techniques used to manipulate doctors into believing in a largely fictional treatment strategy for middle age diseases. I believe that these fictional treatment strategies are designed to perpetuate the medical industrial economy. Almost all the answers to these medical questions are found within this text. A few are only found in The Body Heals. Space limitations and the scope of this manual made their inclusion impractical. The few of these that occur are marked with an asterisk (*).

Space limitations also prevented answering these questions directly. However, there is an additional reason: without reading the text Doctors prove rather tenacious for stasis within our professional training paradigm. Our patients provide us with clues that something very important is missing from our educations. I believe reading this text finishes us off and pushes us over the hump into a new world where we again become the healers that we set out to be.

Find Out:

How to heal from: heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, hormone imbalance, wrinkled skin, asthma, and more.

20 methods for dumbing the education of doctors down.

146 question test to help doctors identify the scope of the problem.

The real reason Americans are getting fatter.

How missing science perpetrates the need for many prescription drugs and procedures.

How the media is used to promote profitable new drugs while actively discouraging simple, inexpensive alternative cures.

How the medical industrial complex conducts various disinformation campaigns to protect its profits.

How doctors are schooled in a system that ignores the causes of disease and only treats symptoms.

**Note to reader: The 146 Question Test for Physicians is presented in the book.

William B. Ferril, M.D.

Healing has but one side effect: its negative impact on profit from within the medical industrial complex. Somewhere between the suffering patient and the hysteria to make more money the science about how the body heals collects dust. Sound holistic healing principles are not taught in their congruent whole in medical school. The textbooks contain most of these facts but they present in ways designed to groom the doctor's mind in a way favorable to the complex.

Power complexes historically begin to falter before their particular elite realizes that the oppressed are organizing. Czarist Russian elitists did not fully appreciate the formidable force created by organized peasants. The French revolutionaries similarly surprised their oppressors by the magnitude of underground support for a new way of doing things. The uprising against the dominant medical industrial complex has the same old slumbering elitist components.

While the elitists smugly continue pandering symptom-control methods, which always have side effects, a better way continues to gather momentum. Slowly, but surely, the downplayed art of healing has been rediscovered and is increasingly practiced within the growing holistic community. More Western humans with each passing day leave the dominant medical treatment model. Often their departure centers on a sense that something very important is missing from mainstream medicine's approach to health versus disease.

The medical industry is a profit-oriented system. Logically, these multi-conglomerates exist to make money. What is for sale is therefore sensationalized through the media. However, the downside (the side effects and toxicities) remains minimized. The pursuit of maximum profit provides the disincentive for sharing more effective healing strategies.

Along these lines, it remains consistent that a profit-driven medical system would stoop to conduct various disinformation campaigns. The media has advertising revenue to consider, and consequently, often become all too happy to promote these half-truths, which propagate fear in those who seek alternative counsel. Common methods include the results of a poorly run study against various alternative modalities, the professional opinion of 'certified' experts and the mantra about the lack of scientific data when they know all along that they control which data is collected. Dr. John Lee mentions in the introduction of his book, Some Things Your Doctor May not Tell you about Menopause, that his reputation initially suffered at the hands of the complex. However, he adds that the complex underestimated the power of the international women's network regarding what works.

An insight into the consequences of a medical system run by the profit interests of the complex is analogous to junk food. Although junk food taste like real food, it will harm the body if it is continuously ingested. American owners are bombarded by clever advertising schemes that encourage the consumption of these injurious ingredients. Most owners now know that these processed foods are harmful, but until recently everyone seemed to eat them. Slowly, but surely, more owners have become aware that processed foods, which are altered by chemicals, hormone mimics, and nutrient depletions-will injure the body. The food industries' media campaign still touts the latest clever come on, but there are less vulnerable owners with each passing year. Similarly, the emerging health care revolution cultivates awareness for the consequences from following the profitable dictums of mainstream medicine.

Part of the success for perpetrating the dominant medicine paradigm arises by incompletely educating physicians on what science has revealed. I, too, was a victim of my complex funded education. Without realizing it, I became a believer in the corrupted mainstream view of the medical universe. I have been unintentionally guilty of prescribing treatments that were not in my patients' best interest. I believed in a system of health care where side effects and toxicities were treated with more medications and procedures. I regretfully remember discouraging patients from continuing or seeking alternative treatment modalities. However, I thank several of my doggedly stubborn patients who continually pointed out to me the inconsistencies of my educational paradigm. To my credit, I kept mulling over in my head the unexplainable outcomes toward patient healing when they adhered to fringe advice. As the years ticked by, I continued to collect inconsistencies that were unexplainable by the mainstream view of health versus disease.

A major breakthrough occurred when I married my wife, Brenda. Brenda is a chiropractor. Initially, I humored myself by offering her space in my office. I still remember with humility witnessing what two hands accomplish compared to my medical training for a variety of afflictions. My wife also began to instruct me about the importance of medicinal herbs, colon health, and nutritional supplements.

Over the last several years I have had time to heal myself, study newer versions of my medical textbooks and contemplate what is missing from these books. Sometimes it is not missing but it presents in a disorganized format or as isolated 'pearls' that are not indexed. Tedium describes the hours of detective work needed to uncover and weave together a more holistic perspective for what happens to the body around middle age.

The middle-aged body wants to heal itself. Around middle age there are seven interrelated principles of health that tend to falter. Unless all are attended to the chronic degenerative diseases of middle age begin to insidiously propagate their deterioration on the body form. Common examples of these imbalances which arise from one or more faltering principles of health include: obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, hormone imbalance, and diabetes. Each of these common diseases can be healed without side effects when all seven principles of health rebalance. The achievement of balance requires the afflicted owner's active participation. When this first requirement continues to be ignored symptom-control medicine remains the only treatment possibility. However, in owners who are willing to take an active role in their disease solution there are many cases where the above diseases heal or at least stabilize.

The seven interrelated principles are:

  • Prevent rust formation within the tissues
  • Prevent hardening processes within the blood vessels
  • The hormones giveth and the hormones taketh away
  • You become what you supply and absorb
  • Take out your cellular trash water
  • Avoid "low voltage cell syndrome"
  • Maximize the ratio between the energies that heal contrasted against the energies that maim the body tissues

  • Each of these principles of health is explained in my earlier book, The Body Heals. Although these principles are touched upon in this book the focus here will be to help the reader understand the missing educational content that allows the perpetration of symptom-control medicine. Doctors, in general, possess an innate and keen intelligence. This creates a formidable ongoing challenge to keep them dumbed down. The revolution in health care emerging today seeks to recall what science already knows about how the body heals.

    The revolution in health care choices begins with principle seven. Principle seven concerns the quality of the life energies' integrity. Mainstream medicine almost completely ignores this important consideration always operating within a diseased body. This dominant approach can be likened to the slab of meat approach. The slab of meat is all that is left when the mysterious life energies are removed from consideration. Fortunately, these important energies form a common denominator between many alternative-healing modalities. Chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditative prayer, and chakra energy work all, each in their own way, reinvigorates the life energy field. The life energy field improves because these modalities have in common that they facilitate a release of the chaotic energies while facilitating the rhythmical energies.

    Neglecting to consider the rhythmical energies describes one consequence of living within a profit driven health care system. The fallout of this makes important scientific information largely inaccessible in its congruent whole. Profit considerations influence which universities receive the pharmaceutical companies' research funds. This financial reality in turn influences the way medical schools educate physicians to think about disease. Of course physicians like myself have very little reason to doubt our educations until our patients begin providing living inconsistencies about how the body heals. Some physicians become tired and invested in the complex's way of doing things. I am living proof of how kind and informed patients can point the way to better methods. One of the better methods involves the rhythmical life energies.

    A re-inclusion of the rhythmical life energies pulsating within each body cell bridges a common denominator between many alternative-healing modalities. The health care revolution bears the burden of educating those who are unaware. Like other times of exponential change, the dominant power elitists are largely unaware of the strength and conviction within the holistic health care movement. Other than the first chapter, the remainder of this book discusses and explores the other side of what science has revealed but continues to ignore. A little woo woo before all the hard science helps to balance the scientific discussion of health against the mystery of the unfathomable.

    William B. Ferril, M.D.
    Read what others are saying about Why Is My Doctor So Dumb?

    "...Impressive! Any chance your 130-question quiz can be made mandatory as part of graduation exams for all M.D, D.O, and N.D. candadates?
    Also thanks to your wife Brenda for helping you to start on your journey towards real medicine!"

    --Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.

    "A deceptively smart and thoughtful series of chapters about the complex endocrine research that illuminates how the diseases of aging occur as a result of life-style choices and how to reverse the slide into illness."

    -- David S. Jones, M.D. (President, IFM)

    "Dr. Ferril received his medical degree from the University of California at Davis and is married to a chiropractor. Ferril completed his postgraduate education at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, WA., and resides and practices in western Montana.

    This book (406 pages, softbound) is divided into 5 main sections, Thinking Outside the Box, Nutrition Imbalance-caused Disease, Skinny on Fat, Medical Myths That Promote Suffering, and Methods for Dumbing Down Doctors. The book contains 16 chapters, as well as an introduction and extensive bibliography section.

    This book is not what I expected from the title. I envisioned something light and entertaining. Wrong. My advice is this; put on your thinking cap ladies and gentlemen, this isn't what you'd expect based on the title. Very little time is spent doctor bashing, rather the focus is on answering the question of "what all doctors should know". The author introduces the main topics of the book by asking the reader to answer a series of 130 short questions. I grudgingly admit that initially I scored terribly. And while this is a somewhat technical body of work, at the same time it remained highly readable and understandable. My advice is to bring a yellow highlighter and plan on staying a while; this could be a life-changing and life-saving kind of experience.

    The author begins by introducing the main components necessary for proper glucose metabolism and the role of insulin. He continues by expanding on the interplay of the adrenal glands, cortisol, glucagon, growth hormone, and epinephrine. He explains the lifestyle and dietary factors that lead to the eventual breakdown of cellular function and the necessary, but unhealthy compensations the body is forced to use to adapt to this breakdown. He emphasizes the necessity of proper nutrition and the importance of both vitamins and minerals to restore normal cellular and glandular function. He describes the role and actions of various hormones and neurotransmitters within the brain and bloodstream and their effect on day-to-day energy levels and their role in premature aging.

    In section 5, Dumbing Doctors Down, he lists and discusses twenty-nine methods used by the government, pharmaceutical companies, food and agribusiness conglomerates, hospitals, insurance companies, the AMA, and mainstream medical schools to manipulate and control the information available to the general public in order to protect their vested interests. This makes for some very interesting and thought provoking reading.

    My one and only complaint about this book is that there are several places where it seems to be repetitive. Many chapters contain duplicate information and some paragraphs seem to simple restate the information contained in the previous paragraph. Whether this is an editing issue or perhaps intentional for the purpose of learning I cannot say. It is a minor point in any case.

    If you have even a minor interest in this subject, this book is worthy of your time and money. I give it an overall rating of 9.5 out of 10."

    -- Jim Edwards D.C., DABCO, LAc (reviewer, DC Journal)

    Table of Contents
    The Scope of the Problem Test

    SECTION 1- Thinking Outside the Box
  • Chapter 1- Intelligent Energy Fields
  • Chapter 2- Introduction to Syndrome X
  • Chapter 3- Why do people shrink as they age?

  • SECTION 2- Nutrition Imbalance-caused Disease
  • Chapter 4- Nutritional Solutions for High Blood Pressure
  • Chapter 5- Nutritional Deficiency and Brain Dysfunction
  • Chapter 6- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Other Childhood Disordered Brain Function Pathologies

  • SECTION 3- Skinny on Fat
  • Chapter 7- The Real Reason Americans get Fatter Each Year is a Secret
  • Chapter 8- The "Torture Chamber" Diet
  • Chapter 9- A Deeper Understanding of Syndrome X: a deadly form of obesity

  • SECTION 4- Medical Myths That Promote Suffering
  • Chapter 10- Diminished Adrenal Reserve Caused Disease
  • Chapter 11- Hormone Replacement Therapy in America
  • Chapter 12- Information Carried in the Bloodstream
  • Chapter 13- Follow the Blood Fuel, and you will Understand Diabetes and Heart Disease
  • Chapter 14- Inflammation and Heart disease: The Second Part of the Secret
  • Chapter 15- The Glandular Failure Epidemic
  • Chapter 16- Nutritional Deficiency Caused Fuel Burning Problems

  • SECTION 5- Methods for Dumbing Down Doctors